Race Kit Pick-up Arrangement

Before the event day, participants are required to collect their race kits (including Number Bibs and Wristbands with Electronic Record Cards) in a designated period and venue. During the collection period, participant tees will be distributed to those with tee sizes selected in their registration. Details will be emailed to participants in mid-September.


Before going to registration area on the event day, every participant has to bring and wear his/her own race kits including:

  1. Number Bib (printed with name of participant) at the front of the body, and
  2. Wristband with Electronic Record Card on wrist

Upon arrival of participants at the registration counter, we will:

  1. Collect the duly signed Health Declaration and Disclaimer (standard form will be provided during registration);
  2. Check the following Mandatory Equipment:
    1. Number Bib (printed with name of participant)
    2. Wristband with Electronic Record Card
    3. Torch or Head Lamp (with enough batteries throughout the race)
    4. Whistle

Note: On the event day, every participant must bring along his/her own Identity Card/ Passport or its clear copy for verifying identity upon our request at Start Point / Checkpoints / Finish Point.

Drop Bags Arrangement

Each participant, if required, can store ONE well-packed bag there. The upper limit of each bag is 15L maximum capacity and 5 kg of weight.

  1. Forbidden items: Breakable items, valuable or flammable items.
  2. Please prepare your own waterproof, sealed bag to pack your belongings. Whilst we would do all possible to protect the items from rain, etc., it is best that the bag itself is well packed.
  3. Please bring along your Identity Card/ Passport or its clear copy, and your Number Bib for the drop bags arrangement.
  4. We are not responsible for any damages or loss during handling, transiting and storage of any bag.
  5. We have the right to re-organize the drop bags arrangement during any special situation or adverse weather.

Time for drop bags at start point:

8:00am – 8:45am

Time for collecting bags at end point:

9:00am – 8:00pm

Waiting Area

After completing the above procedures, all participants should gather in the open area before the signboard at the entrance of Pak Tam Chung P.H.A.B. Site for getting ready to start the race. The starting line will be just below the signboard of Pak Tam Chung P.H.A.B. Site.

Arrive at Checkpoints

The participant should report to us immediately upon arrival at each checkpoint for recording your arrival time. Please ensure successful recording.

Arrive at Finish Point and Collect Bags

Upon arrival at Finish Point, please register immediately at the Registration Counter. Participant completing the designated route with the shortest time and without violating the Rules will be the winner.

  1. Register course completion time with Electronic Record Card. Please ensure successful recording.
  2. Members of a Team must register together.
  3. We may request the participant to show his/her original Identity Card/ Passport or clear copy to verify his/her identity. If the document cannot be shown on-site, it may result in no ranking.
  4. Participants can collect their bags at Finish Point.